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90% of my assets go home everyday, it is my job to make sure they return the next day

– Jim Goodnight, Founder and CEO of SAS.

For many years SAS has been voted the best employer to work for, as part of our mission and purpose of growth we endorse Goodnight’s strategy with regards to our own team as well as the teams of companies we seek to acquire and help grow, and we believe that people are the single most important contributor to our success from our Limited Partners, to our team members, to our teams across the world

Our team members provide a unique disposition of skills, expertise and cultural awareness. Each managing partner is directly linked to one of our foreign offices. They have lived and are local to these markets. Our managing partners benefit not only from cultural awareness but also form speaking the local languages and having a network of teams that can navigate the local governing laws and way of doing business.

Managing Partners

  • Sami Chalfouh, M.B.A. Chairman and CEO

Sami has 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship, strategic business development corporate and government consulting. He is the creator and producer of the transactional investment program(*) listed with the S.E.C. since 2010 He lived in Tunisia for 18 years prior to moving to Los Angeles to complete his education to include an M.B.A in international business management from California State University.

Sami co-founded Chalfouh International, an international trade management and research firm. As a senior strategic adviser and consultant he provided resource based economic development planning, financial feasibility analysis, strategic planning, change management and operations management for clients globally. Sami traded precious metals and diamonds and held senior management positions throughout his career. He is a well know figure both in the diamonds and gold industries. Chalfouh International continues to provide strategic advisory services for large  multi billion dollars infrastructure development projects, economic development planning and international trade of commodities.

During the past 2 years Sami co-founded Crypto Diamonds and Metals Exchange LLC and CDM Vertical LLC DBA CDM Exchange and has been its Chairman and CEO since July of 2018. Under the CDM brands he created and developed CDMBX a technology solution that enables financial institutions to offer physical gold to its retail investors with a click of a button

Sami is a member of our investment committee

  • Hussein Sidki Managing Partner

Hussein is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of leadership experience in manufacturing, real-estate transactions and global investment. He has forged unique strategic alliances with unique companies and sits on the board of directors of a top real estate development company in Egypt with over 2 billion dollars in assets under management. Hussein is a majority shareholder in several manufacturing companies in the US and in Egypt.

Hussein received his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Georgetown University. He is a member of our investment committee

  • Zaid Al Sharif, M.B.A. Chief Financial Officer

Zaid brings over 20 years of LP side experience having managed a 2 billion dollar portfolio for clients in Saudi Arabia he is uniquely positioned to source capital and growth opportunities in Saudi Arabia. Zaid served as Chief Compliance and financial officer for some of his clients.

Zaid received an Executive MBA from Paul Merage School of Business, UC Irvine. He has also received his Bachelors of Science in Accounting and Finance from the Al-Ahliyya University of Amman in Jordan

 Strategic Alliance Program

This program is dedicated to create a winning collaborative environment through which we gain access to investment opportunities, funding, or exit opportunities as well as the ability to team up with individuals or  organizations to further our mission while contributing to their growth and while providing clear value via access to local markets investment opportunities or funding. Alignment of purpose and alliance are integral part of our business.


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(*) The Transactional Investment Program “TIP” Real Estate Edition, is program developed by Chalfouh LLC a sister company to Strategic Growth Capital LLC and a Strategic Alley. has been listed with the Securities Exchange Commission under reg D under securities act of 1933 since 2010 for more information about Chalfouh  LLC please visit www.chalfouh.com