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Real Estate

SGC Holding currently benefits from a One Billion USD in purchasing power and is focused on:

  1. Preservation: the gathering of recession proof properties in select areas (Acquire at great value, hold then liquidate as needed)
  2. Growth: the transactional investment program real estate edition ( acquisition, remodeling or development, selling)
  3. Placement: with our strategic partnerships, SGC has been successful in securing north of double digit gross returns with some its reputable partners.

SGC Holding has been successful in creating a facility for private families, sovereign funds and companies with great wealth looking to relocate their portfolios outside of certain countries and enable them to find vehicles for wealth preservation and for growth.

Having stood the test of time real estate investments while cyclical provide unique features for both wealth preservation and growth. SGC Holding is currently helping gather up a one Billion worth of recession proof properties in select areas in Los Angeles for one of its private clients. Via this effort the company has had and continues to have the privilege of working with some of the top real estate professional in the target areas. This network of professional grants us unmatched access to unlisted properties at excellent values.

Many of our clients have looked at the United States and Los Angeles as a destination for themselves and also for a portion of their portfolios. With the challenging currency war and global shift, clients with substantial wealth need to diversify out of the dollar and the Euro. Many clients have also indicate that they face higher tax consequences in places like Great Britain, France and some other countries.

SGC provides strategic advice works with its clients to create and implement an action plan befitting the clients goals and benefits.