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Our teams in the US, Tunisia, Egypt and other EMEA countries, employ different effective methods to identify growth opportunities that meet our criteria. Once opportunities are located our due diligence team conducts a thorough analysis and full review of the opportunity to include but not limited to the management team, ownership, growth potential, financial documents, business plans, assets, liabilities, competitive landscape, political risk and other risk analysis.

If the opportunity passes our due diligence process, an offer is made based on our stringent valuation methodologies, which enable us to pay fair prices and forge good partnerships with founders and managers.


Once agreement has been reached, SGC takes control or a minority position in the identified company, our experienced team enable us to conduct smooth acquisitions and capital deployment which are critical to the continuation and growth phase of the company


Capital preservation and growth are our purposes, before acquisition, and in collaboration with the exiting team of the acquired company, SGC prepares a growth plan that will be implemented gradually and immediately depending on the plan requirement and growth potential. Among our goals are to increase, revenue and profitable aspects of the business and to eliminate unnecessary spending of time, funds or energy. SGC focuses on marketing and sales, production and costs, operations and customer service. SGC will encourage research and development to enhance products, services, increase market share or increase geographic presence.

Since growth is relevant to each company, services and products each company we acquire will have a unique growth path and strategy


Here is the bitter sweet, as we exit a company we are happy to realize the return that we projected or more for our investors and limited partners. Depending on the geographic location of the company, local regulatory environment and the nature of the business successful exist fall within the following options:

  • IPO
  • Sell to a competitor or a larger enterprise with complimentary products or services
  • Recapitalization

Our goal is to achieve a minimum potential annual return of 16%