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Press Release SGC Holding Memaar Al Morshedy


Mon, 05 July 2019

Strategic Growth Capital Holding enters into a Strategic Partnership with Memaar Al Morshedy

Los Angeles, CA – Private equity firm and global alternative asset manager Strategic Growth Capital Holding (SGC) jointly with Memaar Al Morshedy the number one recognized brand in Egypt and a large scale real estate development company, launched a strategic partnership to support foreign direct investment in Egypt and help global institutions expand into the Egyptian market.

Operating in Egypt provides access to over than one 100 million Egyptian consumers. Egypt can also be a gate way to the Middles East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and countries in the Mediterranean basin.

SGC and Memaar are focused on providing this opportunity to top institutions in their respective fields to include: Healthcare, education, wealth management, banking, investment, consulting, manufacturing, energy, entertainment, information technology, consumer goods and more.

Hassan Sidky, Chairman of Memaar Al Morshedy said: “Collaborating with SGC Holding enable us jointly to attract some of the most notable brands globally. SGC’s global presence and market expertise complements Memaar’s local strengths. Multinationals will find in our strategic partnership strong support access and comprehensive knowledge.”

Sami Chalfouh, Managing Partner of SGC Holding said: “Memaar Al Morshedy presents an ideal partner for SGC to enable any global company looking to expand its operations into the Egyptian market. In addition to expertise, scale and access; their reputation for honesty, transparency and integrity supersedes them. Memaar has developed some of the most notable projects in Egypt over the years.”

To request information about the SGC Memaar partnership please submit your email to sami@sgcholding.com

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