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MS & MBA Internship Program

Please send your resume to intern@sgcholding.com

Company: STRATEGIC GROWTH CAPITAL HOLDING LLC (SGC Holding) a Los Angeles based private equity company www.sgcholding.com  SGC believes in the importance of higher education. Hands-on education is as important as academic learning, which is why we offer and we encourage students to apply for our internship programs.

Purpose of this Internship: SGC Holding is hosting a unique foreign direct investment (FDI) expo. This expo will put little under 20 countries, Banks, Investors, Large and SMEs under one roof to enable all participants to create global development opportunities. As an intern you will play a part based on your experience (if any) and on your field of study to assist SGC in delivering a world class FDI expo

Benefits of an Internship:

  • The Opportunity to work with Business Leaders and build a report with many national and international organizations including fortune 1000 companies.
  • Hands-on expertise for the student’s specific field of study
  • Invitation to participate in all company events such as trade shows, forums, and meetings.
  • Flexible scheduling to ensure your academic success.
  • A Certificate of Accomplishment and A detailed letter describing the areas of strengths of the intern upon completion of the Internship.
  • Opportunity to deepen your understanding of Private Equity, Strategic Planning, Market research, entrepreneurship, Marketing, Promotions, Media, Advertising, and international relations.
  • SGC and its affiliates may extend a formal paying Job offer to some of its interns depending on performance, openings, and qualifications.
  • SGC will be the intern’s point of reference when looking for job offers.

Internship to Hire Program Openings

Currently SGC is interviewing for a variety of openings in the Los Angeles Area.

Please send your resume to intern@sgcholding.com

Majors MBA or MS



Marketing, Finance, Strategy, Sales, Econ, Public Relations

Development Banks

Infrastructure Finance

Study Assigned Bank and provide a comprehensive report

MBA, MS, Poli-Sci

FDI Incentives

Research Incentives provided by assigned countries

Market Research. MB


Economics / Corporations

Provide a Thorough study about an Assigned Company or Government

Public Policy, MBA

Foreign Policy

Develop a comprehensive US position with regards to target countries.

Legal- LAW


Proposal writing, contracts



SGC FDI EXPO: Develop a Marketing Plan For FDI EXPO, Assist in developing a marketing Plan for SGC Clients

English-MBA- Policy

Business and Creative Writing

Work with Marketing, Accounting and Finance and Produce Business Plans, for assigned projects

MS- Computer Science

Security, Search engine, Membership…

Work with team and Assist in the design and execution of the Final Web platform of the expo and all of its components

Web design

Content and form design 

Work with IT and develop website pages, marketing components, Trade shows advertisements and campaigns


Content Design




Ensure, all online modules are properly functioning to include: E-mail Lists, databases, advertising modules, shopping cart. All software is provided


Planning, Operations,





Assist in Public relations and event planning, implementation and execution. Write sponsorship proposals. Assist in Planning and raising sponsorships and funds from Target fortune 1000 Companies. Assist in the preparation, planning and execution of foundation related Special events (e.g. Conferences, Delegations, Mixers,



Advertising, Advertorials, Subscription Business Development

Assist in Planning and Business Development and securing advertising sponsors, advertorials.

Other Opportunities will soon be listed. For more information about Strategic Growth Holding, please visit: www.sgcholding.com

We look forward to having you part of our team


Please email your resume to intern@sgcholding.com


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