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To enable us and our clients to benefit from a strategy geared toward wealth preservation and growth we have taken the approach of multiple funds opportunity.

SGC Growth Fund I (click here for press release)

SGC Growth Fund I is a general fund currently open with components of both wealth preservation and growth this fund has been launched with a select and growing list of investments. for further information about this fund please click here

Real Estate

SGC Holding currently benefits from a One Billion USD in purchase power focused on:

  1. Preservation: the gathering of recession proof properties in select areas (Acquire at great value, hold then liquidate as needed)
  2. Growth: the transactional investment program real estate edition ( acquisition, remodeling or development, selling)
  3. Placement: with our strategic partnerships, SGC has been successful in securing north of double digit gross returns with some its reputable partners.

SGC Media Fund I (Closed)

SGC Media Fund I is a unique partnership between our company and one of the top worldwide, independent, theatrical motion picture studio with over 18 major  films produced in the last 3 years. This Billion dollar fund currently open is dedicated to deliver high end feature films via development, financing and production as well as handling every aspect of marketing and distribution for internally developed and produced motion pictures as well as for co-produced and acquired films. The partnership is launched with $150 Million dedicated to the joint fund

SGC Media Fund I will also be diversified via potential acquisition of controlling interest in media related enterprises as well as the introduction of new ventures that support the Fund’s objectives