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Foreign Direct Investments

SGC Holding is currently working to create unique investment opportunities along side different governments and government agencies and in partnership with many companies looking for incentives to expand into relevant markets. Many countries have put together their visions aimed at strategic growth in the areas of infrastructure development, education, healthcare, technology, manufacturing, revenue diversification, agriculture, trade, finance and more..


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Wealth Preservation & Growth

Unshakable focus on wealth preservation, growth of companies, people and capital and a commitment to a minimum potential double digit return per year

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Real Estate

With a purchasing power of over 1 Billion USD and growing our company and clients benefit from unique partnerships that provide us with access to a select inventory of properties that do not get listed in the market. Our access to properties is unprecedented. Trophy properties, recession resistant, luxury residential, commercial and unique development opportunities.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Headquartered in the US and uniquely positioned in Tunisia, Egypt, and many EMEA countries, with local teams to source deals and grow companies. SGC Holding clients benefit from a uniquely resourceful team and approach to mergers and acquisitions

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Cryptocurrency Fund

Cryptocurrency holders and investors are now able to actually invest using select Cryptocurrencies. SGC CRYPTO FUND I is nearing completion and will be open to investors in the few days to come.

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Both the US and EMEA countries provide compelling opportunities in various sectors to include real estate, media, technology, energy, travel, infrastructure, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, retail and business services

USD Billion on Real Estate Purchasing Power

SGC Funds (Growth, Media & Real Estate)

Reach ( 11 countries and growing)

USD 1/2 Billion Media Fund with $150 Million already raised

Grow companies, empower cross border investing, preserve and grow capital

Strategic Growth Capital is a US-EMEA Private Equity firm headquartered in Los Angeles, CA with offices in Tunisia, Egypt and with presence and opportunities in Austria, Germany, Saudi Arabia among other EMEA countries


Core Values

Integrity, accountability, focus, determination, creativity, prudence, industriousness, alignment and long term perspective, diversification


Market Focus

Private equity, foreign direct investment, capital preservation and growth.



Over 60 years of combined experience in government relations, foreign direct investments, operations, management, strategy and investment in diverse industries